REV13CS35 : SAKATAT - Bir Devrin Sonu

Code : REV13CS35
Title : SAKATAT - Bir Devrin Sonu
Format : Cassette/Tape
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Release Date : May 2013
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Album Info : After seven split 7”s and numerous tours all around mainland Europe, Turkey’s own “raw as fuck old school grindcore” trio SAKATAT finally released their highly anticipated album “Bir Devrin Sonu” and it is now available on cassette tape format!
Fans of early NAPALM DEATH, ASSÜCK, SOB, AGATHOCLES, EXCRUCIATING TERROR, check out their brand of raw and filthy yet sharp and fierce, corporate-free old school grindcore with “excellent, raw and sharp sound, killer, flesh-ripping riffs, bombastic drumming, dual gruff growling and raspy shrieking vocals” and “stomach churning grunts, machine gun blast beats, dizzying moments of tension and breakout d-beats and shrieks” that is “punching you in the solar plexus”!
Review : This one's an absolute, complete scorcher! Such a sharp guitar sound, incisive riffs that could shred and mince through your flesh, rapidfire drumming going at demented speeds, ultra-tight snare skin poundings that feel like stabs through the ear-drum... These maniacal throat-splitting shrieking vocals give the coup-de-grâce. A guaranteed killing." - Braindead