REV13CD15 : VIOLENT GORGE - Auricular Constabulary

Code : REV13CD15
Title : VIOLENT GORGE - Auricular Constabulary
Format : CD
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Pressing Info : 80/500
Release Date : October 2013
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Packaging :  Jewel Case / Two Pages Booklet
Album Info : Violent Gorge is a grindcore band from Winnipeg, Canada. Tight mince grind/punk with great energetic and erratic performance, butt-noising fecal analysis as "it sounds like blimps in aerial combat". Members Of Hot Live Guys, Under Pressure, and Hallucinosis fiended for the grind. Taken influenced from REGURGITATE, AGATHOCLES, NAPALM DEATH, AUTOPSY, SIEGE, RUPTURE. Started grinding circa 2004. This CD has 32 tracks of their collections.
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