IRON LUNG 'Sexless // No Sex' Cassette

Destructive power violence hardcore! The debut Prank LP from Seattle-via-San Francisco-via-Reno's IRON LUNG features their abrasive blend of low end crushing heavy lumbering, split with devastating and inventive fast thrash and bleak lyrics skewed through medical malpractice. A 20-song second LP following up their "Life. Iron Lung.Death" LP on 625 Thrash on top of a ridiculous number of 7"'s, split releases, cassettes, CD-R's and other limited releases. The duo that is IRON LUNG sit at the forefront of the modern power violence resurgence, continually re-inventing the formula and pushing it to new extremes. IRON LUNG members were previously in ARTIMUS PYLE, GEHENNA, GOB and VAE VICTUS and have toured extensively throughout the US and Europe, been on TV in Iceland and also toured Australia, where they will return in 2008. "SEXLESS//NO SEX" was recorded at Polymorph Studios by Dan Rathbun (whose engineering and production includes some of the best of extreme underground hardcore - TRAGEDY, HIS HERO IS GONE, WORLD BURNS TO DEATH, FROM ASHES RISE). The cover artwork is mind blowing pen-and-ink scratching by NICK BLINKO of RUDIMENTARY PENI!


PSUDOKU - Space Grind Cassette

PSUDOKU Space Grind Revulsion
"It’s an old truism that when a movie franchise or television series ran out of juice it would jettison its cast and crew out INTO SPACE! That’s why we’ve been subjected to cinematic indignities such as Jason X. Thankfully, Papirmollen wrecked the wretched grade curve on that one when he launched the almighty Parlamentarisk Sodomi into the astral expanses with his latest one-man-grind-awesomeness project PSUDOKU (apparently, it’s an acronym).
Oh, the Norwegian auteur opens Space Grind with a series of riffs that wouldn’t have been out of place on a Parlamentarisk Sodomi release, but out of nowhere everything gets all The Locust. IN SPACE! Rubber bass runs get funkdafied, slithery riffs and electronic experimentalism collide like doomed galaxies in chaotic bursts of Big Bangin’ energy. In fact, while Mollen rubs his tonsils raw, the keys and crazy strings, in their own way, substitute for and augment the vocals in unique and perplexing ways, adding an amazing extra layer to what could have been another expected (though awesome) grind album. And that’s the key; the soul of Parlamentarisk Sodomi is still lurking under PSUDOKU’s outrageous riot providing that necessary anchor to something recognizable. Now there are new additional layers that will need to be processed through repeated, attentive listens. Additionally, Space Grind’s A side (I got the cassette version) is relentlessly, exhaustively high energy. While side B tends to get looser and more experimental, this is an overwhelming listening experience that could easily stand toe to toe with Orphan on an adrenaline level. Yeah. I just said that. This is an album that leaves me physically exhausted and emotionally spent at the end.
Parlamentarisk Sodomi was something undeniably awesome, but PSUDOKU is something unique, which may be even more exciting. No matter what pseudonym Papirmollen adopts, dude has proven once again that he is a perennial album of the year contender. Norwegian grind, my god, it’s full of stars."

"Revulsion records sent me another tape, the first full length by PSUDOKU. Planetary Space Unit Directorate Of Kosmik Universes is a side project from Parlamentarisk Sodomi’s mastermind Papirmøllen, trying to put a strong cosmic vibe in his trademark grindcore. This is not the first grind project that deals with sci-fi topics, we can track down names like CSMD, Negligent Collateral Collpase, Gigantic Brain and even scum legends Netjajev SS. PSUDOKU has a strong musical influences from z-movies, managing to create a strong deep space effect with their music, even if heavily bound to grindcore aestethics. The main difference with the mothership band Parlamentarisk Sodomi is how instruments change relevance in the mix. Sodomi has a classic grindcore sound, with all the instruments mixed at almost the same level, with a strong point in the power of the whole wall of sound instead of a single part of it. PSUDOKU, even if not for all songs, has guitars on a very prominent level, played with a very cool almost industrial effect. Riffs are solid, intense and with a very cool retro vibe, reminding me stuff like CSSO, especially for their love for classic rock thrown in the bunch. Another strong influence surely is Discordance Axis, with its dissonant approach to music. There’s a lot of keyboards among the songs, enhanching the sci-fi aspect to higher levels and recreating what CSMD managed to do with the theremin. I think Parlamentarisk Sodomi is a better band, with a stronger approach and better songwriting, but PSUDOKU surely put a lot of passion in this tape, creating an enjoyable release with a personal and original feeling in it. While the almost monotonic guitar sound can grow boring very fast, there are some songs that display the talent of Papirmøllen, like the last two of the A Side, QUantilibriUM and prökPSYch. Space Grind is not a masterpiace or a must have, but it surely is a nice addiction to your collection and a personal reccomendation for all Parlamentarisk Sodomi completists."


"I don’t know how much it is a secret but PSUDOKU is some sort of a side project of the dude behind PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI. For those who are out of the loop of the ins and outs of the worldwide grindcore scene, PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI is definitely one of the better grindcore bands to rear its ugly head in the last 4-5 years. Don’t take my word on it, check out the GRIND & PUNISHMENT blog and see where they rank PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI “De Anarkistiske An(n)aler” on their top 11 favorite grindcore records for 2009 (and check out whose on top while you’re at it as well).
Anyway let’s get straight to business. If you are adventurous enough to dig some sort of “proggy” grindcore, then you’re in for a ride with this particular release. The band described itself as “Progressive Space Grind Fusion” and if that doesn’t sound of out this world, waits until you listen to the actual music. And NO, just because it is described as progressive it doesn’t mean that this is some wanky stuff for wanky people. This was played at the RICECOOKER shop a while back and those who lucky enough to hear were quite enjoying it to say the least. At least none of the attendances were rushing out of the shop when it was played.
Mind-blowing would be an overstatement but I am pretty sure those who never venture into the scary and colorful world of grindcore might have a chance of surviving this. This is definitely not PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI mark II and I certainly don’t know how the fans will react to this. It might not have the devastating effect that PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI had with their music, but it is still a pretty good listen to say the least."


Debut CD of demented Norwegian progressive space grind fusion. Plays like DISCORDANCE AXIS downloading YES albums while teleconferencing with NETJAJEV SS and Stephen Hawking.
-Torture Garden Picture Company

Dude has proven once again that he is a perennial album of the year contender. Norwegian grind, my god, it’s full of stars.
-Grind and Punishment

PSUDOKU has hit the grind world, and currently has me pondering if it is the greatest grind album so far.
-Grind to Death

It's an album you put on, and in the end you think "Wow, what a ride."
-The Executioner Zine

Music or noise? Genius or audacity? It can be interpreted as one wishes. It is clear, PSUDOKU dances on the boundary line separating the standard and bizarre.
-The Tomb of God


PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI “De Anarkistiske An(n)aler” Cassette

A couple of years ago Parlamentarisk Sodomi doubled the success of the first album with the mighty De Anarkistiske An(n)aler, a 12″ which gained a TERRIFIC legendary status almost immediately, appearing in almost every grindcore site final top 10 chart of 2009. Now Revulsion Records released that ultra successful LP on tape, adding the more recent Regnskog, Fred Og Vegetarmat EP as a bonus. The first thing I have to say is about the layout, with the two covers and the inlays printed on luxury glossy paper, not to mention the fact that the tape is pro printed, with logos and all that shit we use to love. Just like the Carcass Grinder / SMG tape Revulsion records managed to prove the passion and attention for details that it puts in every release. De Anarkistiske An(n)aler slightly changes the approach to Parlamentarisk Sodomi in comparison with Har Du Sagt “A” Får Du Si “Nal”. Structures are very similar, so expect the usual Terrorizer and FETO-era Napalm Death approach, with every note pushed to the limits of human body. Drumming is really amazing, with various and addicting sections, full of blastbeats and unmerciful sanre hits. Guitar riffing is powerful and full of changes, with the classic droning riffs on the front row, recreating the classic early 90′s vibe that we all should (HAVE TO) love. The differences start here, from guitars. There’s a more mixed usage of the six chords, focusing also on tempo changes and fast face melting “solos”, reminding also early Carcass or the classics Repulsion haunting high pitched guitar approach. This release tracks back to the origin of grindcore, quoting sometimes a cool thrash way of punching your face, so if you loved how a long haired Kerry King played solos, you will like also the ones in De Anarkistiske An(n)aler. An easy comparison can be Super Fun Happy Slide or their already classic The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario, since these two albums are very similar in the way they mix all the golden age bands’ styles in a powerful and yet modern sounding grindcore. The other difference between this effort and the first album is in the usage of vocals. While the debut focused almost only to the growling style, on this record Papirmøllen changes his styles including screaming and barking parts, adding a cool early Agathocles vibe to the recordings. Songwriting is abosultely top notch, with a great taste in switching from full throttle blast beats assaults to groovy and pure headbanging inducing sections. I think the best examples for the skills of Parlamentarisk Sodomi is the amazing Høyesterettsjustitiarius, Vennligst Detroniser En Minister, a true gem which can be considered one of the best grindcore song in the last year. But. BUT. But there’s a song that you couldn’t expect on a record like this. Klæbukrønikene (De Anarkistiske An(n)aler) is a fucking masterpiece, a pure essence of grindcore, a lesson in violence. It starts with a strange keyboard melody which resembles a circus music, then it kicks you right between the eyes with an amazing association of thrashing drums and odl school guitar riffs, shifting in speed, rhytmn, groove, styles and well, you name it… It goes on for almost four minutes before vocals start kicking in, putting the last nail in the coffin of all the grind-is-dead delusionists. A ten minutes long grindcore song can dwell in the sci-fi environment, this one is the major of awesomeness town. As a bonus you can find the six tracks from the Fred Og Vegetarmat EP, which starts with the eponymous track in a strange called Falafelversion. It’s not so different from the original you could find on the De Anarkistiske An(n)aler album, but it’s slightly faster and better recorded. The first thing that stands out in these songs is the speed, much higher than before, with an amazing drumwork which managed to do better than the already awesome efforts of the past. Papirmøllen does also some pig squealing here and there (not a lot, to tell the truth) adding variety in the bunch. These songs are a one way ticket to speedland, with a lot of great moments, like the powerful violence in Terrormål: FRP or the simply AMAZING slower part in the middle of Knus Junaiten (USA Dø) which drools of hardcore attitude with the shouted vocals and the boner inducing stop-and-gos.
This is an amazing tape, which collects two of the best old school grindcore records of the last years, don’t miss it!


"If you are a fan of all things short, fast and loud you know you will need this. You will need this like we need fucking oxygen to breathe to continue destroying the world. Did you read elsewhere in this rag that some blog on the internet put this on their year end list? Yup, this tape is THAT damn good and I am grateful that REVULSION is doing a favour for us poor souls and release this on tape.

This is ultimately the most vile and violent grindcore records that I have heard in the last couple of years. It is all out intensity and no let up. Yeah and I think this even top that long player by WORMROT. The only way you can come up with something this violent, hateful and intense is by having a lot of issues with the fucking world and by the look of it, the dude behind this ultimate grindcore killing machine do indeed have issues with the world we live in.

I’ve read that Papirmøllen is putting PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI on hiatus to fully concentrate on PSUDOKU. Bummer but it is probably for the good. I mean he should take his own sweet time because it is going to be hard to top this. I mean can it be top? Well that is definitely something only Papirmøllen can answer but damn it sure going to be a hell of a release to top this current grindcore classic."



HELLOWAR - On The March To The Final Doom CD

Awesome!!! Epic punishing black metal and Swedish hardcore influenced crustcore from Indonesia, this is 21-track CD combines and exceptional six song 2009 recording with recordings from the band's first two EPs from '06 and '07. The high quality of this new recording and seamless blend of crust and metal really had me guessing. Scandinavia on first listen, as the sound is similar to the blurred post-HIS HERO IS GONE / TRAGEDY next step metal punk fusion taken by bands like WOLFBRIGADE, MARTYRDOD or later SKITSYSTEM. HELLOWAR provide a pretty inventive blend of those influences, with gnarled vocals, great playing, quick tempo changes and fantastic moody riffs. By far one of the best bands I've heard play the style in the last five years because that's what made the style work--the unpredictable ability to jump from doom riffs to full throttle D-beat and back within the same song... The EP's recordings are less fleshed out and more drum driven on the rawer side, but still carry great energy. Includes live video and a sticker, lyrics entirely in Indonesian. Kiiiiiilllllllller! (Ken Sanderson, Maximum Rock and Roll #337)

Heavy metallic crust with some death and black metal leanings. This just destroys and crushes whatever else I am reviewing for this issue. Unrelentingly heavy and fierce, this is some good hardcore. There are 21 songs on this CD but I only care about the first 5 songs of it. I think the band and REVULSION are being more than generous to have the old songs (from two EPs and a live cover version of DISCHARGE's Never Again) included on this CD. It might be an economic decision and seeing how some labels have no qualms catering to the underground collectors market, I have to applaud the band and label for not releasing this on some absurb format with absurb selling price. This also comes with a poster and sticker, so you are really getting a good deal here. I remember checking this band before but wasn't really impressed but this changes things. It might be due to the recordings because the first five tracks (the ones that I am really into) sounded way thicker and heavier than the songs on the two previous EPs. HELLOWAR conjures the apocalyptic vision like many other "Nu Crust" bands and they are doing a very good job at it. We know everything is not well with the world we live in and HELLOWAR just makes sure everyone listening to this feel the same way too. A stellar release from REVULSION Records.
(Hatta Nirman for Shock andAwe #02)


GRAVE DANCERS 'Morbid Nation' CD
Alright, I'm going to come right out here and admit to come cultural bias here; while I'm king of sick of American retro-thrash ala MUNICIPAL WASTE and HAVOK, I'm still stoked on its Indonesian equivalent. As evidenced by how much I enjoyed this CD, samples I can't understand and all. This is total fucking NUCLEAR ASSAULT / SODOM . WITCHERY worship, with sick double-bass, tough-as-fuck vocals and some seriously killer riffs and melodic solos. All the lyrics are in Indonesian, which definitely makes the whole thing cooler. In fact, the only English lyric in the entire booklet is: "Head Bang Mosh Stage Dive and Circle Pit", so you know where the fuck these guys are coming from. This is 1000% better than the last TOXIC HOLOCAUST record, and well worth your time if you enjoy a spot of thrash in your musical diet. (Andrew Underwood, Maximum Rock and Roll #337)
This is good. This is not really my cup of tea these days and I don't see myself playing this CD beyond this review assigment but this is certainly not a stinker. Truth is I don't really have much to say about it. If you like MUNICIPAL WASTE or other current crossover/'lite' thrash metal bands, you will find this enjoyable. My tolerance for this style has waed over the years (apart for some very selected bands). But if this was released a few years back, I would probably have a lot more positive things to write about. Good, but not great. I find it hard to get excited over it despite all good points. If only I were still 15 and had only listening to MAIDEN, SLAYER and METALLICA. Sorry dudes.
(Hatta Nirman for Shock and Awe #02)